Handsworth Community Action Group

The aim of HCAG is to allow our community to re-connect through the traditional values of good citizenship and community cohesion that have been undermined due to the fear of an unprecedented level of crime and lawlessness. HCAG empowers us, the residents, to promote and set our own standards for the community which will allow us reclaim our community and to provide visible reassurance to others.
HCAG wants to be seen as an active force to tackle the underlying issues our community faces such as prostitution, drug abuse, street violence and general anti-social behaviour which has become rife in Handsworth. We aim to be the driving force to deter and stop this so that our community can become a safe, clean and a lawful environment for us all.

The story so far….

Street Patrols have created awareness of the problems our community are facing on a daily Basis. They have also provided a level of intelligence to the police regarding crime hotspots and repeat offenders etc. The police have reacted to this by assigning two PCSO’s to every streetwatch.The benefit of having police representation with our patrol group is an additional deterrent to would be criminals as they can enforce order or call in support.

Media Interest !!

The good hard work that has been done by our group has not gone unnoticed by the media. One of our street watch patrols has been featured by the BBC inside-out team. Expect the programme to be aired on the 6th of February. The team has also had an interview broadcast on BIG CITY Radio 89.1FM recently. then last but not least we cannot thank a certain Katy Hopkins enough for mentioning us on twitter which of course was picked up by the tabloids.

Wider Community Interest

We have been inundated with messages of support and help from our community. It has been inspiring to know that the community do actually care and needed a catalyst or platform to take action and voice their concerns.There is ongoing interest to join and contribute to the group from many people- Expect more numbers on the streets once the weather is brighter!!!